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Unique forest in a jar

Create your own unique composition with Growitbox - a forest in a jar is a beautiful home decoration and a perfect gift idea. In our offer you will find all the necessary products to make a garden enclosed in glass. We also offer compositions already made by us, which is a convenient solution if you are looking for a ready-made gift idea. You can buy from us closed ecosystems in various jars and pots. You can easily choose the one you like. Closed ecosystems in glass are a beautiful decoration for a house or apartment. Choose from dozens of compositions. You can also create a garden according to your preferences, buying from us all the necessary elements and plants to implement an individual idea.

A glass garden that delights

Ecosystems closed in jars are beautiful little works that look very original as a home decoration. A glass garden is an excellent proposition for anyone who loves nature and wants to have at least a substitute of a real forest and garden with them. Making a composition yourself is extremely simple. It is enough to properly select individual elements. In our offer you will find everything necessary - glass vases and pots, stones, grit, moss and other plants, which are perfect for creating a small ecosystem enclosed in glass. We also make sure to provide our clients with a wide selection of ready-made compositions. So you can choose from many beautiful flower pots that will be perfect for decorating your home. You can also give such a gift to a loved one.

Forest in glass - perfect composition

Jar-locked ecosystems are hugely popular. And no wonder, because forest in glass is a substitute for true nature that you can always keep in your home. Our offer includes the best quality products to create beautiful compositions as well as healthy and beautiful plants that perfectly fit into a small garden closed in a stylish pot. We offer jars of various capacities, beautiful minerals, necessary additives and, of course, a wide selection of plants. We encourage you to read our proposal in detail. You can easily buy from us all the elements necessary to create the perfect composition of a small garden enclosed in glass. If you do not have time to make such a forest in a jar yourself, check out our offer of ready-made compositions. We try to increase their number so that every customer can find something for themselves. If you have questions about our offer, you need help in choosing the right elements of the ecosystem - please contact us. Our consultants will help you make the right choice. Buy a beautiful garden in a jar and enjoy a little bit of true nature in your home every day.