Everything you need to know about growing bonsai

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I think each of us has heard about bonsai . These plants, although relatively small, easily attract attention due to their unique and exotic appearance. Do you want one of them to be in your apartment, but you are not sure if her breeding will not be too big for you? Start by getting to know a few facts about it.

Bonsai is the name of an art, not a plant

Let's start by refuting a very popular, though not entirely true, opinion. You may also be surprised to learn that bonsai is not the name of the tree species at all. But how? After all, this slogan is always mentioned in the context of growing plants. Well, it is really about art. It consists in carrying out treatments on young trees that lead to their miniaturization. Many species can be reduced in this way, from different varieties of spruce, through mountain pine and maple, to European beech.

Bonsai does not come from Japan at all

Another myth says that bonsai is a tradition that comes from from Japan. We would like to correct you again. It is true that this art was born in the Far East, but not in the country of cherry blossoms, but in China. So why are so many of us wrong? All because it is the Japanese that we owe the promotion of this form of entertainment, which was initially intended only for representatives of selected social classes.

Bonsai - where to buy your first tree?

Have you already decided to start your bonsai adventure? Now you have to buy the first tree. If you catch the bug, it certainly won't end with one. Buying a plant, however, can be risky if you choose a store that doesn't specialize in botany. While you can find interesting specimens in supermarkets, investing in them can be risky. It's best to choose proven sources, such as the online Growitbox store.

Miniature bonsai - Your idea for a forest in a jar

Bonsai  can be grown in various ways. One of the most interesting solutions is a forest in a jar. We will try to argue that this method will be the best choice for beginners. By the way, you can find a new, exciting hobby. Start by choosing a vessel that will contain your miniature world. Make sure that there is enough space inside for the selected tree. We propose one of the larger models, like vase jar 38 cm "barrel" with cork lid . However, if it is inconsistent with your sense of aesthetics, choose a different shape jar with a glass lid. Along with the pot and plant, also order a suitable substrate.

Where is the best place to set up bonsai?

When the inside of the jar is properly arranged, you will have to find a suitable place to set up your miniature forest. It must meet one basic condition. In order for a self-made composition to please your eyes and heart for a long time, avoid direct exposure to the sun. Bonsai doesn't like it very much. Instead, choose a point where the stray light arrives.