Home plants - why and what to choose?

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Plants have been with us for centuries. We are happy to invite them to our interiors and we make every effort to create favorable conditions for them to flourish. There are many advantages to be in contact with them. Why is it worth being surrounded by them and which species of plants are worth reaching for?

Multifunctional decorative element

It's obvious that many of us consider plants primarily as decorations . Subtle Chamedor's palm in a black ceramic pot , placed on a wall unit in the living room or on a shelf in the bedroom is after all a hit decoration. Vivid decorative elements fit all interiors, and their leading style does not matter in the slightest. After all, plants are more than decoration. They have a positive impact on various spheres of life.

Daily dose of benevolent nature

Contact with nature is something you miss every day. After all, you usually contemplate the natural landscape only on weekends and during holidays. It is enough, however, that Ficus "white sunny "in a white ceramic pot , and a pleasant atmosphere will prevail right away. While often underestimated, it is plants that contribute to your will to live and the strength to act.

Anti-Smog Athyrium Fern in a White Ceramic Pot

The advantages of having plants are of course many more. We are sure that you will notice them quickly. Meanwhile, let's talk about plant species that feel great at home and do not require complicated care treatments. This group includes Athyrium fern in white ceramic the flowerpot that you order on our website. It has anti-smog properties. Its leaves absorb toxic compounds present in the air.

The stately Winged Flower in a black ceramic pot

Our offer includes various species of ferns, but not only. There are a number of other plants that live up to its popularity and also work well in residential interiors. If you are looking for flowers with a delicate and subtle beauty, place an order at Winged Flower in black ceramic pot . Like the fern, it also has an anti-smog effect, acting as a kind of filter for pollutants invisible to the human eye. Wing flowers feel great in rooms that receive the most daylight. However, direct contact of the plant with the sun should be avoided.

Ficus 'Ginseng' 30 cm into the forest in a jar

Did you know that a flower in a pot is not the only form in which you can grow indoor plants? In Growitbox, equally popular are living elements intended for composing a forest in a jar, as Ficus 'Ginseng ' 30 cm high. Perhaps you will also like this natural ornament, which you can place in a glass jar or vase of your choice. Creating your own ecosystem is great fun that will provide entertainment for hours. If you are a beginner botany enthusiast, get ready for one of the ready-made DIY kits that you can find in our store.