Mold on plants in the forest in a jar

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Mold may appear on plants in the early stages of development. If it occurs on dead plant parts that have fallen to the ground, it is quite normal. You can remove these pieces to keep the mold from spreading. If, on the other hand, mold appears on living parts of plants, remove the infected plant parts as soon as possible and open the cover so that the excess water evaporates. Ecosystems closed in glass containers are exposed to the occurrence of fungal diseases because they have an increased level of humidity and there is no possibility of ventilating plants in the same way as in open ground. In the event of the appearance of fungal diseases or pests, a specialist in plant protection should be consulted.

One way of preventing the occurrence of mold in compositions in glass jars is to use an "anti-mold" microbial preparation. It is a preparation that significantly reduces the likelihood of mold in the jars. This preparation can be purchased in our store.