Guide "Green up"


A guide that will inspire you to create a forest in jars, kokedama, succulents in wood and many other green inspirations.

The book shows you how to create forests in jars, how to care for them and each chapter has a reference to an instructional video .


Book in polish!

The guide that inspired you to write this article, cocoons, succulents in wood and many other green inspirations.

The book presents such a set of files for recording, as it does not.

zielonym do góry

A guide that shows that you do not need large financial outlays to create effective interior compositions yourself.

In the book you will find, among others: a short historical outline concerning each composition, the importance of plants in the culture of beliefs and medicine.

The presented title "Green up" is a position for every nature lover who would like to create his own "piece of forest" in his home. The book is sent in an eco package :) - to be perfect for a gift for lovers of greenery;)

Table of Contents:

  1. Microcosms - forests in a jar
  2. Natural minimalism - levitating plants
  3. Succulents in wood
  4. Braided for plants - Macramé flowerbeds
  5. Water culture
  6. Life (under) aquatic
  7. Botanical mandala
  8. Resilient green - green images
  9. Recycling for plants

Specific References

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