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What makes the forest relaxing and calming are the plants. Their green colour puts us in a positive mood and allows us to recharge our batteries. If you want these wonderful moments to last longer, choose plants for the forest in a jar available in our shop. Just one look at them will improve your mood.

A piece of the forest on your own

A composition closed behind glass, thanks to which you can be closer to nature, is the best idea for a decoration at home. If you manage the selected jar according to the instructions of specialists, you will not have to clean or water it. This is a great alternative for people who travel a lot and therefore cannot afford potted flowers. Plants for the forest in a jar successfully fill this void.

Miniature plants for the forest in a jar

In our shop's wide range of products you will find all kinds of plants in miniature versions. This way you can easily fit them into the jar where you plan to set up your private ecosystem. You can try to recreate the forest you know from your childhood holidays spent with your grandparents or extended family in the countryside. Completely different, but equally interesting idea will be plants for the forest in a jar, which so far were not familiar to you. Together with them you will discover a completely new dimension of nature from exotic corners of the globe. In this way, every day you will take a long journey, without moving from home.

Popular and exotic plants for the forest in a jar

We offer you dozens of different species of plants that will work as a natural decoration of your home. You can make a safe choice and bet on the most popular varieties of plants for the forest in a jar, such as fern, which is the first association of most of us when we think of a forest landscape. However, if your imagination likes to get carried away a bit more, reach for some of the lesser-known species, such as the beautiful green phytonia, which came to us from South America.

Remember to choose at least one ball of moss for each set to stabilize our ecosystem

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