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Do you attach great importance to the decorations in your home? Do you want them to be more than just a decoration that you regularly have to wipe the dust off? Think about creating a miniature ecosystem, a piece of nature that doesn't need to be watered as often as potted flowers and is much more durable than them. You'll find jars, plants, and accessories for the forest in a jar on our shop's website. These inconspicuous gadgets have the power to liven up your interiors and are sure to catch the eye of any of your guests.

Woodland accessories in a jar - create a unique composition

If you have the soul of an explorer and constructor, instead of ready-made sets, order components selected by yourself. This way you will create a one-of-a-kind composition that will fully satisfy your aesthetic needs. First, choose a dish with a lid in which you will arrange all the ingredients in layers. At the bottom, place one of the jar substrates, which will become the base of the ecosystem. Then gently plant your chosen plants into it. Remember not to overdo it with the number of plants. Depending on the size of the jar, put up to three different plants inside. While placing the order add to the basket natural preparations that will protect plants from external factors, especially mold and fungus. Last but not least, place your jar's forestry supplements, such as rocks, in the dish.

Substrates for jars or terrariums

Some of the substrates in our assortment are suitable not only for building a forest ecosystem, but also for terraria with amphibians and reptiles. So if you are looking for housing elements for your snake or lizard, you can easily order them from us. Before purchasing, however, please make sure that the forest substrate in a jar that you have selected is indeed suitable for your terrarium. As you well know, each exotic animal has its own needs. You can read about the types of substrates that are safe for them on relevant forums and thematic portals. You can also consult a veterinarian who specializes in these species. Rinsed ecological grit and various types of stones for forests in a jar will diversify the surroundings of your pet, at the same time becoming an interior decoration.

Decorative stones for forests in a jar

In addition to grit in the assortment of Growitbox shop you will also find impressive pebbles. This kind of stones perfectly harmonize with miniature ecosystems, giving them an original character. Most importantly, there is full freedom in composition. It is up to you to decide what the final look of your forest will be. Just remember not to skip any of the key parts, starting with the substrates for the forest in a jar, and ending with the stones and other decorations.

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