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White 3D skull with flowers

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Extremely beautiful skull made of architectural concrete

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A unique flower casing in the shape of a skull made of architectural concrete. Under the pot there are special pads that protect the surface from scratches. Thanks to its weight, the flower pot is very stable.

Technical parameters:

External dimensions (L x W x H): 170x150x140 mm

Internal dimension: 110 mm

Net weight: 1850 g

Special features:

Potholders made of architectural concrete.

The product is hand cast and painted, so each product is different from each other

Stylish pot in the shape of a skull

Beautiful and very original pot in the shape of a skull is an option for anyone who loves plants, but cannot imagine keeping them in traditional pots. At the top the pot was decorated with flowers. It will work perfectly on any terrace, in the garden, but also at home. It will fit perfectly with other concrete elements and decorations. It is a flower casing, which will also be a great gift for various occasions.

Skull flower pot made of architectural concrete

The presented skull flower pot is made entirely of architectural concrete and is distinguished by its excellent quality. It is also very solid and durable. The weight of the product guarantees it excellent stability, so the pot will be perfect as a decoration for the terrace or garden. To protect the surface on which you set the decoration, the pot has special pads that protect it from scratches. The product is made by hand, so each may differ from each other.

New product

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