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24cm set with green fiton cherry pebble


Creating your own DIY forest in a jar does not have to be so difficult! Building your own small ecosystem is a great fun for the whole family and a very practical form of learning for the youngest as care for your little forest

This pack contains

Cherry pebbles 20-40 mm Stones
Cherry pebbles 20-40 mm
x 1
Żywy mech Home
Żywy mech
x 1
Fitonia green Plants for forest in jar
Fitonia green
x 1
Set of substrate Substrates
Set of substrate
x 1
Vase 24 cm with a cork lid Glass jars
Vase 24 cm with a cork lid
x 1

What is the forest in a jar?

It can be described as a small, living microworld enclosed in a glass space, which is a unique decoration.
According to assumptions, the forest in the jar is a small ecosystem, thanks to which we do not have to deal with it completely. Thanks to the fact that a closed ecosystem is created, we do not need to water our jar :).

Is it difficult to care for the forest in the jar?

The forest in the jar does not require great care from us, because the closed jar has its own inner life. The water has a closed circuit, is absorbed by the roots and released during evaporation and returns to the ground through condensation.

Where is the best place for our jar?

The jar does not like to be in full sun, it should stand in the shade or in partial shade.

How to build your small forest in a jar?

Nothing easier! Read our detailed instructions at: DYI las in a jar or use the instructions provided with the kit.

How to cultivate the forest in a jar?

Here are some of the most important rules for growing plants in closed containers:

    Control of disturbing phenomena that occur inside the container, such as the appearance of mold, pests or fungal diseases
    Watering and humidity regulation
    If necessary, sprinkling plants, in particular moss
    Choosing the right place for your composition
    Paying special attention to plant care during flowering


Please check the package very carefully in the presence of the courier if all items in the package are intact. In particular, please pay attention to the glass jars. If damage is found, please file a damage report in the presence of the courier.

The received goods may slightly differ from the one placed in the pictorial picture, this is due to the fact that each plant has its own individual shape and color of the leaves.


Data sheet

24 cm
Roślina 1
Roślina 2
0,5 kg
3 l
Węgiel aktywny
30 g
1 l
Kamienie ozdobne
Otoczak cherry

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