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Glass forest jars - create your own original home decoration

Decorating your apartment with traditional accessories is already boring you? Are you looking for an original solution that will bring more life to your drab living room? Create your own and original decoration with our jars. Glass jars for forest in a jar is a great proposal for people who love to create something themselves. This will give your living room or any other room a unique addition. Forest at home? With our accessories it is possible! You can make your dream about it come true faster than you think!

Glass terrariums, as we can also call the jars, are designed for plant decorations that bring life to any room. In addition, such decorations perfectly fit into both modern interior styling and classic. However, it is important to choose the right product, which will be placed in a glass jar for the forest. Surely, such additions will make a great impression on the guests who come, and they themselves will appreciate your creativity and the work you put into the natural creation.

Thanks to the wide range of our assortment you can decide on different decorations. You can put whatever you want inside the jar. Succulents, ferns or tropical plants? The choice is yours! Show your creativity and create an original and unique decoration for your home. Some models of the jars for the forest in a jar are equipped with elegant corks, which add charm to the decoration.

Decorative glass jars - ideal for DIY

By creating a forest in a glass decorative jar, you contribute to the formation of a small and domestic ecosystem, which will not only be a great decoration, but also benefit your health. In addition, you will emphasize in this way the unique design of the interior. If you prefer other additions, you can use decorative glass jars to create a candle holder, which will look just as good. The jars we offer are made of high quality glass, which is resistant to mechanical damage and scratches. Thanks to this they will look great for many years.