Amethyst 250g


Amethyst - mineral with violet colour.

Price per package - 250 g


Amethyst is a mineral, transparent variety of quartz with purple colour.

Price per package - 250 g

The mineral of violet colour now in your aquarium!

Nobody said that aquariums, terrariums or forests in a jar cannot have any colourful additions! Nor did anyone say that owning the aforementioned things had to be common and not stand out in any way! Invest in owning a violet colored mineral right now that will bring your aquarium to a whole other aesthetic level!

A beautiful purple colored stone, or forget about boredom in your home forest!

We all know that you won't find amethyst lying around in the woods where we go for walks. However, no one said that in a home and smaller version it can not be found. Purchase this beautiful purple stone now and impress all your friends and acquaintances who see it!


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250 g

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