Live cushion moss 5-8cm box


Item for sale is a box of live cushion moss.

The box holds approximately 38-40 pieces of moss depending on the size of the cushions.

Pillow Moss, clump moss, white-lipped grey moss, Leucobtyum glaucum


Item for sale is a box of live cushion moss.

The box holds approximately 38-40 pieces of moss depending on the size of the cushions.

Pillow moss perfect for a forest in a jar

If you are considering starting your own mini garden, forest in a jar, terrarium with moss, then our product is perfect for that. Not only does moss provide eye-relaxing shades of green and incredibly eye-catching textures, but it is also incredibly easy to maintain. After a thorough watering, the moss only needs to be given a suitable stand, then it will grow for many months without watering. This is possible thanks to the closed water circulation inside this little "ecosystem".

In the offer of our shop we have a nice, fresh moss of a perfectly cushion shape, which fits perfectly into terrariums, miniature gardens and especially into the forest in a jar. Our moss feels great in the company of ivies, palms, ferns, fittonia and many other plants.

Provide it with plenty of moisture and not too intense light. Moss likes semi-shady and shady positions. In such conditions it will certainly start to grow after a few weeks.

Our moss is grown in special conditions, so it is free from pesticides. Unlike moss from the forest, there is no residue of forest cover such as needles, leaves, twigs, etc. in our products. Thanks to the special growing conditions, there are also no insects or bugs that could feed on the plants with which it will neighbor.


These little plants are not regular plants; they are bryophytes, which means they have no regular roots, flowers or seeds. They get nutrients directly through their leaves so it is important to spray the moss every 2-3 days (in an open pot). Moss feels very comfortable in terrariums, glass jars creating a miniature forest landscape in our homes.


Start with a container such as a terrarium, large jar or whatever you want to grow live moss in. Place pebbles in the bottom of the container for better water circulation. Add some peat, soil or other substrate on top of the layer of pebbles and moisten the substrate with a sprayer.

Now place your live moss on top of this specially prepared substrate.

Press the moss firmly into the soil during planting. If the peat is fluffy you need to compact it. If necessary the moss can be tied to the ground or to the rocks with fishing line. After some time the moss will overgrow the line, which will become invisible.


Maintaining moss indoors is very simple. Sprinkle the area several times a week to keep the moss from drying out. If we sprinkle it too infrequently, the moss will turn yellow/brown and will not grow properly. Caring for moss also means providing the right amount of light. The best place for moss is e.g. a window sill with an eastern exposure. The most appropriate amount of sunlight for moss is about two hours in the morning, so that the moss does not get too much sun. If you do not have the possibility for the moss to have such conditions, you can place the container in the sun for 2-3 hours during the day, but it should not be exposed to full sun in the midday hours (12-15) as the sun could burn the leaves of your moss. After this time, move the moss to a bright room away from direct sunlight.


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Leucobryum glaucum

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