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Frog Moss - mech do terrarium


Natural peat moss substrate for terrarium and forest in a jar

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We present Moss for terrarium - ideal for a container inhabited by most species of amphibians or reptiles that need a humid environment for proper development.

Moss for terrarium or forest in a jar.

This product, apart from the most obvious use in terrariums, is also perfect for forests in jars. It will become their greatest decoration and will take care of maintaining the appropriate level of humidity in the vessel.

An element of the ecosystem

Although it may seem that moss is put into the terrarium mainly for aesthetic reasons, this is not entirely true. It is an integral part of the ecosystem also in nature. Mosses are extremely durable. They do not parasitize other plants and take all necessary components for their development from the air. They like shaded places, where sunlight does not directly reach.

Terrarium moss - after taking the moss out of the packaging it should be placed in a clean container with fresh water. Then you have to squeeze the moss submerged in water, after a while let the moss loose and let it soak in water. After several minutes the moss should be taken out of the container and squeezed out of water, leaving about 15-20% of humidity. The moss can be used to build a terrarium for animals that like humid environment or to forest in a jar creating amazing compositions.


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