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Reindeer silver moss size S


Reindeer weevil moss alive price per 1 piece

Package size 12x12cm

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Reindeer grass moss - price per 1 piece

Pack size 12x12cm

Silver reindeer weevil ideal for the forest in a jar

In our shop we offer nice, fresh reindeer moss, which is perfect for terrariums, miniature gardens and especially for the forest in a jar.

Reindeer moss - to what does it owe its name?

This distinctive-looking plant is found in many parts of the world, but its presence is almost exclusively limited to the northern hemisphere. It grows abundantly in tundra areas, such as Lapland, which most of us associate with reindeer living in the wild. It is to these animals that the reindeer moss owes its unmistakable name.

Reindeer moss in your home

Reindeer moss is a very good natural decoration idea. With it you can have the forest at your fingertips. Literally! An environment with plants in it makes life more comfortable and improves the quality of sleep. It is amazing what wonders a small plant closed in a jar can do. Reindeer weevil is sure to win your heart!

Reindeer weevil care:

Maintaining moss indoors is very simple. Sprinkle the area several times a week to keep the moss from drying out. If we sprinkle it too infrequently, the moss will turn brown and not grow properly.

If the moss is kept in glass containers it usually does not need to be sprinkled as the moisture is locked in the container.


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