Athyrium fern in a white ceramic pot


Athyrium fern in a white ceramic pot


Athyrium fern likes semi-shaded and shadowy places with diffused light, it does not like direct sunlight, which can burn leaves. It's best to put it deep inside the room or on the windowsill of the north, northwest or northeast windows. This plant likes high humidity, it should be sprayed frequently. During the heating season, avoid placing it near heaters or stoves.

Athyrium fern, like all ferns, is an anti-smog plant. In addition to the ability to absorb toxic volatile compounds such as formaldehyde, it also has the ability to absorb blue radiation from electronic devices such as televisions or computers. Due to these features, the fern should "appear" in every bedroom or children's room.

The plant is planted in a ceramic pot with expanded clay as a drainage layer.

Height: about 25-35 cm


The received goods may slightly differ from the one in the photo, because each plant has its individual shape and color of leaves.


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