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A wide selection of houseplants at Growitbox

Are you looking for decorative plants that will be an unusual finish to your arrangement? Do you want to arouse admiration among friends with your sense of aesthetics? Or maybe you want your apartment to gain a warm and cozy atmosphere? Whichever reason is right, plants in a pot will certainly be the perfect solution for an above-average interior decoration. We have a wide range of houseplants that will make you feel like you're out in nature.

In our shop you'll find the most popular and commonly grown pot plants as well as those that many people aren't too familiar with. A lucky tree? Palm tree? Or maybe a beautifully blooming horsetail? All these and many other species of green plants can be found in our wide assortment which we have prepared especially for you. Check which plants you can buy for your flat!

Potted houseplants - a way for original and natural decoration of your interior

Decorating a flat is not only about buying equipment, furniture and various kinds of appliances. It also means choosing accessories that will complement the whole arrangement. Undoubtedly the best looking are potted houseplants, which can add warmth to any room. You'll find lots of different kinds of flowers and trees, and they'll fit right in with any style of interior.

The advantage of potted houseplants is that they also clean the air by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. So you can have clean, toxin-free, fresh air in your home, even when there's smog everywhere.

Our flowers are perfect for any room. They'll make a great addition to your windowsill in the living room, on the floor in the bedroom, or even in the kitchen. It's up to you how you look after them and where you place them. If you look after them properly, they'll return the favour with beautiful flower petals that will bring extra life to your home. Don't hesitate to choose your dream house plant to enrich your living space today.