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Mosses for the forest in glass -



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The moss in our offer fits perfectly into terrariums, miniature gardens and especially into forests in a jar.

Reindeer silver moss - beautify your compositions!

Very delicate and nice to the touch moss can be yours right now. Live silver reindeer moss is a very good idea for a natural and beautiful interior decoration! At any time you will be able to feel as if you are on a long and relaxing walk in the woods! Create your own miniature garden with moss characteristic for the northern half of our earth!

Live pillow moss, the perfect idea for a forest in a jar!

If you dream of having a beautiful forest in a jar, then live cushion moss will do the job perfectly. The aforementioned product is very easy to keep it in perfect condition, while also providing a sense of relaxation while looking at its intense greenery! Invest in your own forest!