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Green is the color of hope, which has a calming effect on us. That is why you feel so good in nature, when you are surrounded by this color from all sides. A walk in the meadow or woods supports your mental health, relaxes you. Don't limit this contact, bring nature into your home too. Miniature potted plants are a very good idea. They work well even in the smallest rooms.

Unique plants for the forest in a jar

We're delighted to give you an insight into our big range of small plants which you can use to create, for example, a real, resin-smelling forest in a glass jar with a lid. We're convinced that you'll find a species that captivates you. If you follow the information given on our website, your chosen plants for the forest in a jar will not need watering, because the closed ecosystem can run on its own, without human intervention. This means that you can leave your home for a longer period of time without any worries, for example during your holidays. During this time, the forest placed in the jar will function flawlessly, and the plants present in it will develop. When you return the composition may look even more impressive!

Species richness of plants for the forest in a jar

The miniature potted plants in our virtual exhibition come from all over the world. You will find here ferns or ivy well known from the Polish forests, but not only. We can proudly say that thanks to our offer you can introduce to your home collection plant species from almost all continents. There is, for example, the syngonium fern from South America - its name alone arouses curiosity. Another interesting plant for the woods in a jar is the African marsh marigold. If you love travelling and you like to surround yourself with souvenirs brought from distant lands, such exotic plants will certainly appeal to you. Most importantly, the prices of our products are so low that your budget will not suffer because of purchases made in our store.

Miniature potted plants - a gift from the heart

Perhaps you don't feel the need to stock up on miniature potted plants at home at the moment. But one of them can be a gift for someone close to you. Giving a plant to someone who means a lot to you is a sign of care and respect. Such a gesture proves that you are not afraid to give a living organism to a friend or family member, because you know that he or she will take good care of it. What is more, creating natural compositions using plants for the forest in a jar is an excellent and valuable form of entertainment. Perhaps thanks to you the birthday boy or girl will discover his or her life passion, which, like you, will infect others!