Syngonium Neon Robusta


Syngonium, commonly called a shrub, is an original exotic plant. The 'Neon Robusta' variety impresses with its attractive habit and amazing coloration of leaves. It is ideal for glass gardens.


A species native to Central and South America. Zroślicha has large, arrow-shaped leaves arranged alternately with a very interesting pink coloration.

Advantage of the 'Neon Robusta' species:

- Large, effective leaves with an arrow-shaped and pink color

- It is a thermophilic plant and loves to be in an environment with high humidity.

- It feels very well closed glass in a shaded place when there is no direct sunlight.

- It has a shallow root system, thanks to which it feels very well in glass jars

- Easy to grow and reproduce

Sygnonium is a plant suitable for every jar from our offer and likes company:

- all types of ivy

- ferns

- wingworms

- Phytonia


The received goods may differ slightly from the one presented in the illustrative picture, this is due to the fact that each plant has its individual shape and leaf color.


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