Phytonia skeletor


Phytonia albivenis an ideal potted houseplant with interesting green-red colored leaves.


Phytonia is a plant that fits into any interior. The shape of its leaves has something magical and exotic at the same time. It is an easy plant to cultivate and it is perfect for the composition of the forest in a jar.

Fittonia verschlaffeltii with nice green leaves with red innervation.

Advantage of the species:

- It is a thermophilic plant and loves to be in an environment with high humidity.

- It feels very well in a closed glass in a shaded place, when there is no direct sunlight.

- It has a shallow root system, thanks to which it feels very comfortable in glass jars.

- It needs a temperature of about 21 degrees to grow properly.

Phytonia is a plant suitable for every jar from our offer and it likes company:

- all kinds of ivies

- ferns

- fiddleheads


The product you receive may differ slightly from the one in the preview photo, which is due to the fact that each plant has its individual shape and leaf color.


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