Spathiphyllum "Large"


The Spathiphyllum is an ideal home potted plant whose dark leaves contrast beautifully with snow-white flowers



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Spathiphyllum is a plant that suits any interior. The shape of their leaves has something magical and exotic at the same time. It is a simple plant to grow and is ideal for shady places. The Spathiphyllum has the ability to purify the air of toxic substances

The winged flower in our offer is 85 cm high (measured from the base of the pot)

Pot width 21cm


POSITION: light or half shady does not like direct sunlight

WATER: moderate

FERTILIZATION: during the flowering period fertilize the plant with fertilizer for flowering flowers.


The received goods may differ slightly from the one presented in the illustrative picture, this is due to the fact that each plant has its individual shape and leaf color.


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