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Forest set for medium jars


A forest set for building a garden in glass suitable for medium-sized jars with a minimum height of 37 cm.

Creating your own DIY forest in a jar doesn't have to be that hard! Building your own small ecosystem is great fun for the whole family and a the very practical form of learning for the youngest how to take care of your little forest.

This pack contains

Chamedora palm Home
Chamedora palm
x 1
Athyrium fern Home
Athyrium fern
x 1
Fitonia red Home
Fitonia red
x 1
Set of substrate Home
Set of substrate
x 1
Cushion moss 9-12cm Home
Cushion moss 9-12cm
x 1

In each of our do-it-yourself kits, you will find all the elements you need to build your beautiful glass garden.

The forestry set for medium jars is intended for people who already have a jar and only need a ready set of plants and a substrate.

Each of our sets is adapted so that the plants live in the best possible common ecosystem with a specially adapted substrate for these plants.

The forest set consists of:

  • Expanded clay 1l
  • Earth 3l - Specially prepared mixture of substrate for the forest in a jar by our author
  • Active charcoal 30g
  • White sand 0.5 kg
  • Plants: Chamedora palm, athyrium fern, red phytonia
  • Cushion moss size 9-12 cm

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