"Anti-mold" microbiological preparation package 75 g


The microbiological preparation is sold in 75 g packs.


Microbiological preparation

The product is made of bran (wheat and rice) fermented using microorganisms, sugar cane molasses, non-chlorinated water, rock salt and ceramic powder. It does not contain genetically modified components and toxic substances. It is safe for plants, animals and people.

Benefits of using a microbiological preparation:

  • Improvement of bio-physicochemical conditions in soil and elimination of soil pathogens
  • Improvement of tillering and strength of plant growth
  • Elimination of rotting for fermentation
  • Reduction of the likelihood of mold in jars


The microbiological preparation should be mixed with the soil before planting. The 75 g container is for 15 l of soil. Pour soil into the dish, then add the microbiological preparation and mix thoroughly. After mixing the preparation with the soil, put the soil aside for 2-3 days, so that the preparation has time to start the processes. After this time, you can plant plants.


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