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Activated carbon 100 g


Activated carbon is an additive to the substrate, which biologically stabilizes the soil. Package 100 g.

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Activated carbon is an essential element in closed ecosystems such as the forest in a jar. It works quickly, has a broad spectrum of absorption of substances that could harm plants. It is safe for all plants including mosses.

Activated charcoal for plants - to get rid of mold

Mildew is the biggest threat to house plants. To prevent it from forming on the surface of the soil, use the available in our shop activated carbon for plants. This product is ideal for potted flowers, but not only.

Activated charcoal for plants - the basis of the forest in a jar

Are you an enthusiast of miniature forests in a jar? Then you must know how much effort is required to make such a small ecosystem work properly. The most important component in this case is the substrate. It is responsible for the growth and nutrition of the plants. In order for it to do its job properly it is essential to enrich it with activated charcoal for plants. In this way your forest will take care of itself and you will be able to concentrate on enjoying its natural beauty.


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