Set of substrate for plants in glass


Specially composed substrate for the forest in a jar


Specially composed substrate for the forest in a jar. The set is designed for all the jars in the shop offer with a maximum diameter of 25-27 cm. For larger jars is intended set xl.

The set includes:

  • Earth 3l - Our earth mixture consists of, among others, high peat, medium peat, compost, perlite, NPK fertilizer and microbiological preparation. All the components of the substrate are carefully sieved and composed in the right proportions so as to give the soil the right fluffiness and the right reaction. Presented by us product is ideal for compositions in glass containers and also for cultivation of potted plants.
  • Expanded clay - 1l
  • White sand - 0,5kg
  • Activated carbon - 30g

Data sheet

0,5 kg
3 l
Activated carbon
30 g
1 l

Specific References

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