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Do you already own a jar in which you intend to create your miniature garden? Or maybe you want to decorate an aquarium or terrarium? Here are the forest accessories in a jar that you will definitely need.

Woodland accessories in a jar of the highest quality

The products, which we decided to include in our offer, enjoy a good reputation among people like you - enthusiasts of compositions, thanks to which introducing a bit of wild nature to your home becomes possible. These accessories have been meticulously cleaned and are ready to use. If you put them together properly and make sure that each one has its place, they will become a unique decoration that you can be proud of. Forest accessories in a jar will provide you with hours of exciting fun, the results of which often exceed your wildest expectations.

A wide selection of accessories for the forest in a jar

The range of decorations available in our shop is so wide that you will surely find everything you are looking for. From lids for jars made of cork or plaster, through cones and stones to volcanic lava. Here you can easily order products to create a miniature forest from scratch. Ornamental roots and decorative moss are real gems in our collection. If you're looking for a ready-made set of substrates, you've come to the right place - we also have these items in our offer!

Decorative roots and other accessories not only for jar arrangements

The most important decoration in your home is an aquarium or a terrarium? We have good news for you! Although a large part of our customers most willingly use products available in our online shop in the role of accessories for a forest in a jar, most of them will also perfectly suit as elements of equipment for terrariums and aquaria. You can choose from various substrates such as expanded clay or quartz sand in several color versions, which can be used to create a unique environment for your snake or gecko. Stones and ornamental roots may be a new object of fascination for your aquarium fish.

Accessories and additives for the forest in a jar

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