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Accessories for the forest in a jar -

Making a professional forest in a jar requires extraordinary precision. Often the jar, in which it is created, does not allow you to reach all its nooks and crannies using only your hand. In this case, the ideal solution turn out to be available in our store accessories to the forest in a jar. A wide range that you will find in will allow you to create an unusual and delightful ecosystem.

Accessories for forests in a jar - create an original decoration

Whether you buy a ready-made forest in a jar, or you decide to make it yourself, you will certainly need a variety of accessories. In our shop you will find high quality, fully professional accessories for the forest in a jar. These are decorative products such as, among others, natural cones of different sizes and dried moss for decoration. We also offer you products that will prove extremely helpful when creating a forest, such as a dedicated plant grab, tweezers or a professional funnel. Wondering how to properly display your forest in a jar? Well, nothing simpler. Just put it on an elegant eco table, which you will find in our offer.

Tools for maintaining a forest in a jar - take care of your ecosystem

Before you permanently seal your forest in a jar, it is essential that you take good care of it for a while. In this way you can ensure that it has the right conditions to live on its own. This task will certainly be easier when you use the dedicated tools for the care of the forest in a jar, available in our offer. We offer you solid, telescopic tools that have been carefully crafted from high quality stainless steel. With their help you will take proper care of your forest and it will thank you with beautiful plants inside and become an impressive decoration for the interior of your house, apartment or office.

Accessories for cleaning the forest in a jar - cleanliness is essential

In order for the forest in a jar to impress with its appearance, you need to keep it clean. The task may seem difficult the more so that it is to be permanently closed. Nevertheless, it is worth observing your ecosystem so that you can intervene in a situation when mould appears inside it or plants begin to yellow or fade. However, if you are just about to close your forest make sure it is pristine. When you are making a forest in a jar, as you are pouring in the growing medium it can happen that it stains the walls of the jar on the inside. Obviously this residue will not look good and is therefore best removed. The accessories we offer for cleaning the forest in a jar such as the convenient jar brush are ideal for this purpose.

Take a look at our unique offer and choose the perfect accessories for your ecosystem.