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Does the forest have a soothing effect on you? Now you can always have a piece of it close to you. All you have to do is create a miniature version of it, which you enclose in a glass vessel. If you approach this task professionally, this little ecosystem will work without your intervention. One of the basic elements you need are cork lids for your jars. Thanks to them, your new decoration will reflect the beauty of the natural environment even better.

Impressive forest in miniature with cork lids for jars

Each of us in his own way appreciates the presence of nature in his environment. For sure you like to take a walk in the park in the city centre and you like to take care of potted flowers at home. Now you can go a step further. Creating your own private patch of woodland in a jar is a new trend that has caught on with us very quickly. All you have to do is prepare the right vessel and cork lids for the jars, choose the substrate and the plants. Now all that remains is to arrange these ingredients correctly in the jar and you're done!

Natural cork lids for jars

The lids are made of cork, so they are completely natural. This raw material is obtained from the cork oak, which grows abundantly in Portugal. That is why, this small country on the Iberian Peninsula has become the largest exporter of cork in the world. By choosing one of our available cork lids for jars, you can be sure that your private piece of forest will make a great impression on everyone who looks at it.

Aesthetic qualities of cork lids for jars

We could write endlessly about the aesthetic qualities of cork. It is worth to emphasize here, above all, its toned down color. It does not distract attention from what is most important, that is the content of the jar, the top of which it covers. The already mentioned natural aspect of the appearance of the cork is also worth mentioning. The cork lids for jars are in fact another element of the living forest that has been recreated in it. It is thanks to them that the whole composition is aesthetically coherent.