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Substrates for the forest in a jar -

The popularity of the forest in a jar is constantly growing and more and more people decide to buy it or make it on their own. There is nothing surprising in this, because it is a living decoration that does not require care. However, in order to make this unique ecosystem completely self-sufficient, it is necessary to make it properly and use for this purpose appropriate semi-finished products. In our shop you will find high quality, dedicated substrates for the forest in a jar, thanks to which it will be possible to create it from scratch.

High quality substrates for a forest in a jar

In order for a forest in a jar to function properly it is necessary to use the right substrates, in which the selected plants will be planted in turn. Our extensive range includes ready-to-use kits as well as various substrates available by the piece. We offer high quality activated carbon, which protects plants from the harmful effects of various substances. Available in our shop substrates for the forest in a jar are also perfectly composed earth with the addition of humus, carefully cleaned expanded clay, white quartz sand and black quartz sand marked by a very fine grain. Our products are sold in packages of various weights. This allows you to purchase exactly the amount of substrate that will be necessary to make the forest, which will undoubtedly translate into saving money. If you decide to buy our products you can be sure that you have made the right choice and your forest in a jar will be properly prepared for independent existence.

Microbiological preparations for your forest in a jar - this is worth knowing

As well as using the right substrate for your forest in a jar, you should also opt for high quality microbiological preparations. Since the jar in which the forest is created is kept very damp, there is a risk of mould growing inside it. To avoid this, it is worth buying available in our store microbiological preparations for the forest in a jar. They are made using high quality, carefully selected, natural ingredients. They are devoid of toxic substances, thanks to which their use is safe both for plants as well as people and animals. Thanks to their use it is possible to improve biophysical and chemical conditions in the soil and eliminate soil pathogens. Moreover, the microbiological preparations for forest in a jar offered by us support the growth of plants and increase their tillering strength. What is also important is the fact that they eliminate the process of decay, thus giving way to fermentation. Additionally, our high quality formulations help reduce the likelihood of mold in jars.

Take a look at our wide range and choose the right substrate for your forest.