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Individual online workshops


Online Workshops - Basic course "Forest in a jar" construction live.


With any jar in our DIY kit you can buy this product and we will build your jar together using the Zoom



Online workshops - building a "forest in a jar" live.


With any of our DIY jars you can buy this product and we will build your on.live

jar together.

How does online training look like?

- After purchasing the above offer, we make an individual appointment with you to conduct online workshops

- We present how to build a forest composition in a jar step by step

- Workshops last about 1.5h

What will you learn from the workshop?

- what are forests in a jar and what plants can be used in them
- how to create a composition of the forest in a jar
- how to take care of the "forest in a jar"
- you will learn some of our practical advice on how to reduce the risk and what to do if mold appears in the jar

What makes our online training special?

- flexible training terms - we will adapt to the term appropriate for you

- individual approach to each client

- training completion certificate (after choosing this option when purchasing workshops)

For whom?

The workshops are intended for all those who would like to spend time together in a nice and attractive way :) and deepen their knowledge of building forests in a jar. The workshops last about 1.5h


What is required for workshops?

Laptop or computer with working webcam.

How to sign up?

To sign up for the workshop you must buy the above offer. We will contact you to make an appointment for the workshop and provide you with information on how to connect to the workshop.

If you have any questions, please contact kontakt@growitbox.com or call +48 796-337-340



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